12 Days of Creepmas Drawing Challenge Prompts

The Drawing Challenge prompts for the Instagram challenge 12 Days of Creepmas are here.

Art Freaks Collective on Instagram is hosting an 12-day Drawing Challenge. The challenge begins November 19th and lasts until December 30th. Perfect timing to start us into Mark Melton’s December Drawing Challenge: Decemburton 2018.

Daily Drawing Practice

Drawing challenges are a great to keep your skills polished. Plus, use the proper hashtag #artfreakscollective when posting your drawing. This way, we can like, comment and keep you connected in the community.

All Mediums Welcome

Also, you don’t need to just draw – explore painting, sculpture, photography, poetry, video, dancing, and even baking.

Art Freaks Collective

We are a group of international artists who are crazy about sharing our art with the world. Membership is by invite only but we are a friendly group who wants to connect with the global community through art.

Next Challenge to look for…

This January will be the second annual January Blue Drawing Challenge which I will be hosting again. New prompts and new look coming soon! See last year’s list if you want to get an ideal about what it is all about.

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