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Bunny in Yarn Flower Garden

Today's drawing got away on me! I intended to go one direction but during the process was pulled in another. I ended up here with a yarn flower garden with this cute - and slightly bizarre - bunny!

I don't usually work alone like I am right now. These days my work is always intended for a final professional product. Plus, I am collaborating with a team at the publishers or with other amazing clients. I love collaborating! It's a way to elevate everyone's ideas to the next level, or levels!

This last week has been unique for me. I am working solo and experimenting with different techniques. Wow! I have been drawing for the sake of drawing. It's been a few years and it has taken a couple drawings to get back to my old self! I think today's drawing exemplifies I am well on my way. I like allowing my old instincts to kick in. It's fun to be wacky and take new risks!

In the meantime and while we are all on holidays, I hope you enjoy my imagination throughout these Instagram drawing challenges. It's been a joy!

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