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Eugene's Rocky Road to Friendship

A Relatable Tale of Shyness and Triumph. Eugene the bear, much like the author Gina Frisby in her own childhood, grapples with profound shyness. Drawing from her personal journey, Frisby now imparts her wisdom to children through the endearing Eugene.

A Special Collaboration with a Shy but Loveable Character. I had the privilege of illustrating this story alongside the author at FriesenPress Publishing. Eugene holds a special place in my heart, as I, too, continue to work on overcoming shyness.

Join Eugene in Overcoming Shyness. This bear longs for friendship, yet with every approaching animal, he stumbles over his words, feels a lump in his throat, and nervously scans his surroundings. Can you relate to that feeling of wanting to disappear? I can!

Here are some great excerpts for you to sample of the story.

Patience and Kindness Shine in Eugene's Journey. One by one, animals try to befriend Eugene, but the outcome remains consistent. Fortunately, his soon-to-be friends are patient, kind, and instinctively know how to put him at ease.

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