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Penny's Rumour

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Unveiling Penny's Rumour: A Story with Impact

Penny's Rumour, a charming book by Penelope Prince that navigates the misadventures of Penny, a gossip-loving Pomeranian. Prince, drawing inspiration from her own Pomeranians, tackles weighty themes with a light-hearted approach, exploring the profound influence stories hold, whether rooted in truth or fiction.

Penny's Misstep: Spreading the Tale

Penny's tale unfolds when she overhears Archie, the Afghan, mention an accident. In her eagerness to share, the story spreads like wildfire through PupPup City, reaching Archie and causing unintended hurt. Realizing the falsehood, Penny faces the challenge of halting the rumor and extending a heartfelt apology to Archie before matters escalate.

Lessons in "Penny's Rumour"

In the book Penny's Rumour, the puppies of PupPup City learn a lesson about the potent impact stories wield. The narrative deftly explores the influence of stories on emotions and perceptions, offering young readers a thoughtful exploration of responsibility in this form of communication.

Explore More at the Author's Website

For a deeper understanding of the author and the captivating story, visit Penelope Prince's adorable and colorful website. Discover the inspiration behind Penny's Rumour and explore the world that gave rise to this engaging tale.

Get Your Copy Now!

Don't miss the chance to experience Penny's Rumour. Available on leading online retail platforms, this impactful book by FriesenPress Publishers invites readers to delve into a narrative that goes beyond the surface, offering insights into the power of words. Start your shopping journey now and discover the wonderful world of PupPup City through Penny's eyes.


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