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Penny's Rumour

I love Penny's Rumour, a super cute book about one puppy, Penny, who likes to gossip. Written by and inspired by her own Pomeranians, Penelope Prince, tackles heavy material in a light-hearted and kid-friendly manner, investigating the power of story, whether it is based in truth or not.

When Penny the Pomeranian overhears Archie the Afghan mention having an accident in the house, she tells everyone she knows. Soon, her whole class has heard the story—including Archie! To make things worse, Penny discovers that the story isn’t true, but Archie’s feelings are very hurt. Penny needs to put a stop to the rumour and apologize to Archie before things get out of hand.

In Penny’s Rumour, the puppies of PupPup City learn that stories have power, including the power to affect others.

Learn more about the author and the story at her adorable and colourful website.

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