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The Tim Buck Two Gang

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

A Collaborative Climb

Join three friends employed by a railway yardmaster in The Tim Buck Two Gang, facing a perilous task of delivering cargo to a steep mountain's summit or meeting doom. Uncertain of conquering it alone, they unite, spotlighting the essence of teamwork.

Unexpected Rewards

Guided by an ogre, two friendly birds, and woodland creatures, the trio ventures toward the mountain's peak, encountering unforeseen rewards in this fantasy adventure by Michael J Hazell.

Real-Life Inspiration

In this fantasy adventure, The Tim Buck Two Gang delves into teamwork, perseverance, and helping others, inspired by real-life events that compelled Michael J Hazell to craft this captivating narrative.

Illustrated Friendship: Inspired by the camaraderie of three young boys, Hazell's narrative comes to life with my illustrations in this children’s story about teamwork and friendship. Published by FriesenPress.

A Friendly Ogre

Typically, ogres are portrayed as menacing creatures in storybooks. However, in this instance, we encounter a friendly ogre supporting for the trio's success.

Seamless Shopping: Discover "The Tim Buck Two Gang" easily on leading online retail platforms. Click the button for a direct link to FriesenPress Publishers' online store. Begin your shopping experience now.

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