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Angela Gooliaff is an illustrator and author based in Vancouver, Canada, best known for her book A Fun Food Friends Adventure, which she co-created with her 9-year old niece. She works as a freelance illustrator for FriesenPress Publishing and has completed ten books. Book titles include: Our Moggy, The Little Girl Who Stayed Up Late and the Kikitu book series.


She also voices animation and video game characters. In Lord’s Mobile she plays the lead character, Cathiss. In a Chinese production, she plays the role of a 4-year old boy and is also a series regular for another production, performing as a 4-year old girl. (Non-disclosure agreements prevent listing show titles.)


As a professional visual artist for over a decade, she was featured on CBC’s North by Northwest for her colouring book murals. She continues to paint and illustrate during artist residences nationally and internationally. Her most recent public artwork, Little Miss Sunshine, has been spreading cheer throughout Canada highlighted in the Globe and Mail, Maclean’s and the Huffington Post’s online magazine.