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Visual Media

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As Seen In The Media

As Seen In The Media

Meeting Angela Gooliaff: Building Blocks of Success. Bold Journey. 2024. Read Article.

Felix Li. Masks protect the wearer, too - and lower our risk for contracting COVID-19. The Globe and Mail. 2020. Article available to subscribers.

Joe Vipond. The case for mandatory mask-wearing in Canada. Maclean's. 2020. Article.

Lee Moran. Street Artists Take on Coronavirus Pandemic with Powerful, Poignant and Witty Pieces. Huffington Post. 2020. Article.

Alex Erdekian. The Coronavirus Street Art Helping Lift Spirits Around the World. Conde Nast Traveler. 2020. Article.

Kathleen Katon Tonnesen. Multitalented International Artist Angela Gooliaff is a Rising Star. Blog. 2018. Article.

Janis Cleugh. Artists 'still on a high' after Sicily. Tri-City News, 2018. Article.

BC Museums Association - Roundup Magazine. Change Makers: Making a Difference. Life in Colour: Exploring the Natural World through Exhibition. BC Museum's Association's Roundup Magazine. March, 2018. Article. page 12-13.

Di Michele La Rosa. Graniti Murales - Il Videoracconto di Jenn Slingshot Brisson. 2018. Article.

Rodolfo Amodeo. Graniti: dodici artiste dal Canada per "dipingere" il centro storico. Gazzettinonline.2017. Interview.

Michele La Rosa. Artiste canadesi colorano Graniti. Gazzetta del Sud. 2017.

Janel Johnson. Life in Colour. Vancouver Observer. 2017. Interview.

Emily Kemp. Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine. Page 30, August 2017 issue. Interview.

Jennifer Chen. CBC News - British Columbia, 2016. Interview.

Jennifer Chen. CBC Radio, North by Northwest, Vancouver, BC, 2016. Interview.

Jamie Smith. Thrive Mastermind. Thrive Arts Studio, Vancouver, BC, 2016. Interview.

Altair Roelants. Writing the Visual, Sydney, Australian-Based Arts Writer, 2014. Blog Posts.

Chris Tyrell Loranger, Great Initiative to Get to a Residency. Visual Art Marketing, 2013.

Robyn Lynch. Drawing: Expanded Medium. Curatorial Assistant. Evergreen Cultural Centre, 2012.

Janis Warren. Two Art Exhibits for Duo. Tri-City News, 2012

Michelle Sewell. Upcoming Shows. Escene. Emily Carr University, 2011

Janis Warren. Look at the Beauty in Daily Life, Artists Urge Audiences. Tri-City News, 2011

Katie Turner. Metro Minute at Stride Art Gallery., 2010

Robin Laurence. Finding Art in the Simple FAX., 2010

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