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Have you ever wondered what happens in your house at night while you are sleeping?

Is it dark and quiet with nothing going on, or...... are there strange and funny things happening that can’t be explained?

What if there were some very odd characters making a big mess in the house and what if you could catch them in the act?

Come along with our little girl and see what goes on at night in her house. When her grandfather fell asleep reading her a bedtime story she decided to go downstairs to get a glass of milk. You won’t believe what she saw. See her nighttime adventures with all kinds of strange and wonderful characters.


This is truly an experience you are not likely to forget. From an elephant wearing roller skates and doing the dishes to a horse wearing sunglasses, nighttime at this little girl’s house is far from quiet and you can experience all the excitement along with her.


How will they ever get the mess cleaned up before morning comes and mommy sees what has happened? Will her grandfather believe her story? Did it really happen or was it all just a dream?


The answer to all these questions will be revealed within these pages.

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