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Heartfelt Art Awaits! 🎨💘

This collection presents 5 pages, each housing 4 Valentine’s Day cards, ready to be colored, cut, and shared. Gift love to coworkers, friends, or the friendly grocery store cashier with a total of 25 cards. Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity for kids to experience the joy of giving.

In this month’s pack:

  • 4 pages with 4 cute animal-themed Valentine’s Day cards per page

  • All animal cards adorned with sweet heart designs

  • 1 page featuring 4 distinct heart designs

  • Scissor lines for easy cutting

🌟 Coloring is a fantastic activity for developing fine motor skills, exploring artistic talents, and learning about different animals.

🚀 Celebrate love and creativity! Share your little ones' artistic escapades on Instagram. Tag us @antartist, #antsycoloringkids; your tales could feature in our next reel!

Wishing you a February filled with love, laughter, and vibrant moments.

Happy Coloring,

Angela 🎨

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