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Mini-Kite Craft

I'm excited to share another family-friendly coloring craft for June, in celebration of National Great Outdoors Month! 🌳✨

This month’s pack includes:

  • 4 pages for coloring, cutting, and pasting, featuring:

  • A kite template

  • 4 triangles to color and paste onto the template

  • Eyes, string, and tassels for the mini-kite

  • Final bows, eyebrows, and a smile for the finishing touches

1 full-page coloring illustration of the completed kite for those who love coloring

🌟 This craft has some intricate pieces for you and your kids to challenge your dexterity. Once finished, hang it on the fridge or on the kids’ art wall. If your kiddos want to try flying this kite craft, you'll need a real string and some sticks like chopsticks or popsicle sticks to support the kite. Good luck! 🍀

🚀Celebrate activity and creativity as a community! Share your little ones' artistic creations on Instagram, tagging us @antartist, #antsycoloringkids. Your stories might be featured in our next reel!🎨🪁

🌈 ​[Get your June Craft Pack here]​ 🖍️

Wishing you a June filled with outdoor adventures. Until July!

Happy Coloring,

Angela 🎨

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