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Rainbow Bunny Smiles

Catch the latest window painting at Honey Hair Lounge just off Davie Street in Vancouver. We created a colourful flower rainbow, getting the Jim Deva plaza ready for the upcoming Pride festivities in August.

The bunny used is a nod to Kevin Murphy's logo for their cruelty free product line, which is carried by Honey Hair Lounge. Victoria Jazic, wants her clients to know that she cares about people and animals alike.

Wondering about the lower case "g"? And no, it is not you or your computer screen. It was my silly error. I paint the window in reverse from the inside of the store. In essence, I paint everything backwards to ensure the public sees everything properly. Definitely a funny mistake!

Hope you follow the rainbow to Davie Street and see the entire colourful painting between now and Pride. In the meantime, I am back at my drafting table planning my next window painting for Honey Hair Lounge. You have some spooky Halloween adventures to look forward to!

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