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Advice from a Puppy

Meet Betty Davis, the Clever Jack Russell Puppy. Betty has just celebrated her first birthday and is eager to share her life advice. She holds the secrets to perfect kisses, proper bathroom etiquette, and the best spots for chasing ducks and leaves.

Join the Adventure with "Betty's Lessons" by Kim A. Davis. This delightful book, authored by Kim A. Davis, illustrated by me (Angela Gooliaff) and published by FriesenPress Publishing, promises to captivate readers of all ages, offering adventure, humor, and affection. It imparts valuable lessons in social etiquette through the amusing antics of Betty, the puppy.

Enjoy Sample Excerpts from the Story. Here are some great excerpts from the book for you to sample.

Discover "Advice from a Puppy" on Leading Online Retail Platforms. For your shopping convenience, this heartwarming book is available through FriesenPress Publishers. Begin your shopping experience now.


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