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Who Stole My Cupcake?

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

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A Culinary Conundrum

Lulu's delectable cupcakes face a challenge—someone keeps snatching her freshly baked treats!

Mischievous Intruders

Meet the culprits, two mice named Murphy and Samson, who not only steal Lulu's hard work but also tease her.

Lulu devises a trap to catch the tiny brothers, but the outcome diverges from her plan.

Finding Common Ground: To resolve their differences, Lulu and the mice must seek an alternative approach.

Unlikely Resolution

It's hard to believe the rivals come together and mend their rift. However, the story unfolds in a beautiful tale of reconciliation, proving that sometimes, even the sweetest misunderstandings can be resolved through cupcakes.

Cupcakes and Compromise

In this narrative of an unlikely friendship, Lulu and the mice work together to end this conflict, offering a charming story of resolving misunderstandings through cupcakes. It's a very sweet story.

Collaborative Creation

Fortunate to collaborate with author Beth Milnes, I illustrated her charming story for FriesenPress Publishing. Crafting characters for this storybook was a delightful experience.

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