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Mermaid Drawings in May during Instagram Challenges

Mermaids and May Instagram Challenges

Swim the oceans with lovely mermaid drawings and dive into social media this May. Be inspired by the many artists during the month who are splashing in Instagram challenges. Wish to join in the sketching fun? First of all, I suggest the drawing prompts from these hosts: @keely.elle, @raicodoll, and @camillepfister. Their prompts are creative and also fun!

Today’s Mermaid Prompt

Without further adieu, introducing my drawing: Little Miss Unicorn, Seahorse and Walrus. Yes, a hybrid! Over Instagram, people are invited to name her in the comments. As a result, this mermaid has a few suggestions, such as Elsebeth, Abigail, Lulubelle and Daisy. All very cute names! Almost forgot, what name do you like best?

Yes, a hybrid of many animals!

Little Miss Unicorn, Seahorse and Walrus

Want to see more work?

Click here.

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