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My First Filling

Conquering the First Dental Visit Fear. Going to the dentist can be a daunting experience, especially for a child facing their very first filling.

A Fun Solution for Dental Fears. Written by Tamara Murphy, a dental hygienist with over 25 years of experience, this informative and playfully illustrated book, featuring illustrations by me, is designed to alleviate children's dental anxieties, particularly when confronting cavities.

ps I thoroughly enjoyed illustrating this book, especially the adorable sugar bugs!

A First Dental Adventure. Your child will join a young girl on her inaugural dentist visit, complete with a showdown against a cavity and a battle against the sugar bugs.

Empowering Children Through a Playful Narrative. This engaging story is designed to empower children, enabling them to overcome dental fears and perhaps even look forward to their next dentist appointment.

Get "My First Filling" on Leading Online Retail Platforms. For your shopping convenience, this heartwarming book is available through FriesenPress Publishers, where it was published. Start your shopping experience now.


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