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South Bentinck Summer

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

From Manuscript to Legacy

After Gauthier's 1968 passing, his nephew Raymond Steinberg took up the mantle, determined to publish. Gauthier's early 20th-century experiences in the Pacific Northwest and as an Arctic fur trapper are woven into the narrative.

An Otherworldly Adventure

Fly an hour from Vancouver to Bella Coola, and South Bentinck Arm unfolds—an otherworldly inlet in British Columbia's Central Coast. Join two brothers from Vancouver as they encounter bowhead whales, pesky porcupines, and devil's fish, providing both adventure and education.

The Tale of Tommy and Chet

Tommy, age 10, and his know-it-all brother Chet, age 14, spend two glorious months at their dad's logging camp. Roaming the forests and waterways, they discover the wonders of nature, from spying on beavers to battling a giant Pacific octopus and rescuing a fawn.

Bonding Through Nature

Immersed in the natural world, the brothers strengthen their bond, celebrating triumphs and overcoming challenges. Their friend Talyu Joe, a Nuxalk youth, joins them, expanding their perspectives and deepening their empathy for animals and each other.

Tales that Illuminate Indigenous World

South Bentinck Summer vividly explores Indigenous world and history through the eyes of Talyu Joe. Captivating stories like "Old Barnacle Back" and "A Lovable Old Bandit" bring animals to life, igniting the imagination of children and youth.

Discover South Bentinck Summer

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