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Success Story for the Real Estate Social Club

Success Story for the Real Estate Social Club

A fun article written about the teamwork involved for creative projects by Kathleen Katon Tonnesen.

Real Estate Social Club

It was founded by Nadja Pasic has ambitions to connect people. Both Tonnesen and I are members of this club, which meets regularly over fun themes, such as Italian food and wine.


When the social club heard about my desire to find a wall to paint my first mural in Vancouver, they jumped at the opportunity. Through teamwork, networking and dedication, a wall was found through connections.

Celebration Time

We are now excited by the teamwork to make this dream come true and can’t wait for the next project!

About the Author

Excited by energy and ideas, Kathleen has developed a mixed media, multidisciplinary approach to her artworks, installations and live productions. She has a moving sale for her art. Check it out in the West End, Vancouver.

More Media

Check out the story here and even more archived stories here.

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