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A Story for your Little Preemie

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

A Tale for Tiny Fighters

A Journey Through the NICU

Dive into the heartfelt narrative penned by Paige Bautz, a mother inspired to share her preemie daughter's NICU journey. This story is not just for little ones but a source of hope and comfort for parents navigating the challenging weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Embracing Fear, Celebrating Beauty

This book celebrates the tender moments in the NICU experience, acknowledging the fear while embracing the beauty inherent in every newborn. It's a reflection of hope, sharing the details of an NICU journey and the strength found in unexpected quiet times and the support of knowledgeable hospital staff.

From Vulnerability to Hope

As the preemie begins life in the NICU, they start off small and vulnerable. With the close presence of caretakers and medical professionals, the beeping machines gradually fade, signaling hope. Eventually, the day arrives when the caretaker(s) and child can leave the hospital, beginning their life together outside the NICU.

Gratitude to Caretakers

Included above is a page from the book expressing the author's gratitude to the staff at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Paige Bautz, an incredible person with warmth and kindness, shares her experience to comfort new parents in the NICU, showcasing the compassion found in unexpected places.

Explore Me, You, and the NICU Now

Discover Me, You, and the NICU on leading online retail platforms. Available through FriesenPress Publishers, this poignant book offers a unique perspective on the NICU journey. Start your shopping experience now and share in the hope and comfort it brings.


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