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A Story for your Little Preemie

A lovely story about a baby's journey through the NICU written by Paige Bautz. The author was inspired to write this book for her daughter who was a preemie in the NICU for 7 weeks. This is a story of hope, and to comfort parents who find themselves in the NICU for many, many weeks. Even though no one expects to end up in the NICU, and it is an isolating experience, but Bautz found the beauty during some unexpected quiet times and from the amazingly supportive and knowledgeable hospital staff.

This book celebrates those tender moments, acknowledging the fear while also embracing the beauty of every child who’s born into the world. It is a book of hopeful reflection, sharing the details of the NICU experience.

When the preemie begins life in the NICU, they are so little and vulnerable. But with the caretakers and medical professionals close by, soon fewer and fewer machines are beeping - signs of hope. Before long, the caretaker(s) and child get to go home and start their life together outside of the hospital.

I wanted to include the above page from the book to exemplify the gratitude the author displays for the staff at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. She is an incredible person with so much warmth, compassion and kindness, wanting to share her experience in order to comfort new parents who find themselves in the NICU.

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