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Are you my best friend?

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Quest for Friendship: Are You My Best Friend, A Dragonfly’s Search

A Charming Collaboration

Illustrating a charming book written by Cardell Szego and published by FriesenPress, Are You My Best Friend narrates the tale of a newborn dragonfly venturing into the world in search of her best friend. This delightful collaboration captures the essence of a dragonfly's journey and the quest for genuine companionship.

Animal Encounters Along the Way

As the dragonfly embarks on her quest, she encounters various animals, each with its unique traits. Some prefer hanging upside down, others relish solitude, and some already have a multitude of friends. The story beautifully unfolds the challenges of finding the right friend and the diverse personalities encountered along the way.

The Quest for Companionship

The central theme revolves around the dragonfly's simple desire—to find her best friend. However, the question lingers: is there someone out there who's the perfect match for her?

Explore Are You My Best Friend

Discover Are You My Best Friend on leading online retail platforms. Available through FriesenPress Publishers, this beautifully-illustrated book (if I do say so myself!) offers a unique perspective on friendship and the journey to find one's perfect companion. Start your shopping experience now and soar into the magical world of the dragonfly's quest for friendship.


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