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My Grandma Sadie, A Splendid Squirrel Lady

A Tale of Hope and Resilience

My Grandma Sadie, A Splendid Squirrel Lady by Deborah Lorraine (and illustrated by me!) is a charming children’s book that tells the story of Sadie Squirrel, who wakes up to find her beloved forest transformed into urban sprawl.

Despite the devastation, Sadie opens her heart and home to a variety of homeless animals seeking refuge in her tree. With her new friends, she hatches a plan to restore the forests and combat climate change, showing that even the smallest creatures can make a big difference.

This engaging rhyming story is designed for primary school children, capturing their imagination while teaching valuable lessons about empathy and resilience. It encourages young readers to believe in their power to effect change, no matter how daunting the world may seem.

My Grandma Sadie, a Splendid Squirrel Lady is an excellent resource for parents and educators aiming to instill these important values in children.

You can find this lively book on leading online retail platforms and through FriesenPress Publishers.


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