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New Release: "The Butterbean Balls Came Yesterday"

In The Butterbean Balls Came Yesterday, young readers are introduced to Pincher and Ushkin Dushkin, characters in the mystical Land of Dushkin. Faced with an overabundance of butterbean balls (aka chickpeas!), Pincher seeks help from Ushkin, who initially turns away. Ushkin’s journey highlights the importance of community and mutual aid.

Written by John H. Atwood and Jenean Atwood Baynes, a father-daughter duo, this book open up a mystical world to children, offering valuable lessons in empathy and resilience. With its vibrant, human-like characters and relatable dilemmas, this book serves as a tool for parents and educators to foster critical thinking and decision-making skills in children.

Help your child learn from the book's lessons to avoid making the same mistakes as this little guy.

Here is a great excerpt to set the magical Land of Dushkin for you.

So fun, right?! Read on...

I had the opportunity to illustrate this vibrant book, which is available through leading online retailers and FriesenPress Publishers, The Butterbean Balls Came Yesterday promises to be a magical addition to any child’s bookshelf.


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