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Cute Monster Book Alert

It's bedtime! And coincidentally, Clyde the Monster is just like every little kid who is frightened of the unknown, especially that scary thing under the bed!

Even monster families have a night time routine just like humans!

While getting ready for bed, Clyde wishes he had an older brother to take care of that "kid" he is certain is terrorizing him under his bed at night.

When he can't fall asleep from fear, Clyde's mother asks him to share what's bothering him. Clyde opens up. His mother is unconvinced of this so-called kid under his bed but allows Clyde plead his case.

Convinced he can smell, hear, feel and see a kid under his bed, this book gives young viewers the opportunity to explore their own five senses.

So, what do you believe? Is there a kid under Clyde's bed? Through playful rhyme and rhythm, author Gaynor Levisky helps children overcome their fears through exploration and delightful reason. I loved illustrating this cute, colourful book!

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