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Cute Monster Book Alert

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Embark on a Bedtime Adventure with Clyde the Monster!

It's that magical time of the day – bedtime! And guess who's just like every other little adventurer, fearful of the unknown, especially the mysterious creature under the bed? Meet Clyde the Monster!

Monsters, they're just like us! Even monster families follow a nighttime routine - brushing teeth, getting into cozy pajamas, the whole shebang!

Clyde, in the midst of his bedtime routine, daydreaming about having an older brother to tackle that elusive "kid" he's convinced is wreaking havoc under his bed at night.

Sleepless nights? We've all been there. Clyde's mom, a seasoned monster mom, skeptically listens as Clyde spills his fears about the alleged bed-dwelling kid. Is it a figment of his imagination, or is there really something spooky going on?

Clyde's senses go on high alert! Smell it, hear it, feel it, see it – the book invites young readers to dive into their own five senses and explore the mystery alongside Clyde.

The burning question – is there a kid under Clyde's bed? Join author Gaynor Levisky on a delightful journey of playful rhyme and rhythm as she helps children conquer their fears through exploration and charming reasoning.

Spoiler alert: I absolutely adored illustrating this cute, colorful book!

Ready to bring Clyde the Monster into your bedtime routine? Head over to any online shopping platform or, for a seamless experience, grab your copy from FriesenPress Publishers, where this heartwarming tale came to life. Don't miss out – start your shopping adventure now!


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