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The Adventures of Auntie Sue Sue

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Travel Inspiration

Get ready to pack your bags! Auntie Sue Sue's Rome adventure promises to inspire the young traveler in your readers.

Departure for Rome

Auntie Sue Sue, sporting her travel scarf, jets off to Rome today!

Capital City Tidbit

Did you know Rome is the capital of Italy?

Exciting Departure

Auntie Sue Sue eagerly prepares for her next travel adventure, boarding a plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Educational Expedition

In "The Adventures of Auntie Sue Sue," join Auntie as she explores famous places, this time in Rome.

Auntie's Next Stop

The question lingers: Where in the world will we find Auntie next?

Inspiring Travel Tale

If Rome hasn't been on your travel list, this story is sure to inspire you and your kids to plan a trip. Having explored this beautiful city, I found inspiration for the illustrations, capturing the dynamic Auntie Sue Sue. A collaborative effort with author Therese Nadler, published by FriesenPress Publishing.

Seamless Shopping

Discover "The Adventures of Auntie Sue Sue" effortlessly on leading online retail platforms. Click the button for direct access to FriesenPress Publishers' online store and begin your shopping experience now.


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