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Everyone Needs Sunset Hugs

Another lovely children story I had the opportunity to illustrate for author Abilene Snow at FriesenPress Publishing. Sunset Hugs addresses heavy topics, such as bullying, anxiety, depression and abuse. This story is a hopeful resource for children - and perhaps adults - who have experienced adversity.

Every chapter contains teachable moments and questions that can be used by the reader for further reflection and journaling. This children's book serves as a gentle guide for survivors toward healing and growth.

This story follows a bright-eyed puppy named Bubby who, unfortunately, has a tough start to life. His owners are mean and hurtful. Thankfully, his best buddy, Lummy, a red cardinal, is by his side every step of the way for support and encouragement when Bubby feels blue.

Bubby’s life starts to change for the better. While he still has bad memories, worries, and trust issues, Bubby chooses a healing journey, developing healthy coping skills as he overcomes his past.

Watch Bubby transform into a confident dog with the guidance, assistance and love from his new chosen and adopted family.

The author sought advice and guidance from psychologists and psychiatrists in the creation of this important story.

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