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Everyone Needs Sunset Hugs

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Finding Healing in Sunset Hugs

Navigating Tough Topics through Hope

Illustrating another impactful children's story for author Abilene Snow at FriesenPress Publishing, "Sunset Hugs" delves into weighty issues such as bullying, anxiety, depression, and abuse. This poignant narrative offers a beacon of hope for children, and perhaps adults, who have faced adversity.

Guiding Survivors Toward Growth

Each chapter of "Sunset Hugs" unfolds as a gentle guide for survivors, presenting teachable moments and reflective questions for journaling. This children's book, created with insights from psychologists and psychiatrists, serves as a resource for healing and growth, addressing adversity in a compassionate manner.

A Story of Resilience with Bubby

Enter the world of Bubby, a resilient puppy who faces a challenging start to life with mean and hurtful owners. Supported by his steadfast friend, Lummy, a red cardinal, Bubby finds solace and encouragement even in the darkest moments.

Overcoming the Shadows

While Bubby grapples with bad memories, worries, and trust issues, he embarks on a healing journey. "Sunset Hugs" narrates his transformation, depicting the development of healthy coping skills as he triumphs over his challenging past.

From Struggle to Confidence

Witness Bubby's remarkable transformation into a confident dog, guided by the love and support of his chosen and adopted family.

Explore Sunset Hugs Now

Discover Sunset Hugs on leading online retail platforms. Available through FriesenPress Publishers, this impactful book offers a powerful narrative of resilience and healing. Start your shopping experience now and explore the transformative journey within its pages.


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