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For outlaws only

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Calling All Little Outlaws

Meet Amy Joan: The New Rebel in Town

Join the adventure with Amy Joan, the latest outlaw making waves in this exclusive book for young rebels. Authored by Matt Fournier, I had the pleasure of illustrating this humorous story that delves into the world of child independence.

Amy's Quest for Independence

When sent to her room for misbehavior, Amy takes charge of her independence. Rejecting her family, she embraces the life of a fearless outlaw, seeking revenge while obediently staying in her room.

Lessons in Toughness and Compassion

Chased down and captured by a stealthy bounty hunter, Amy faces the sheriff for her crimes. Along the way, she discovers that even the roughest outlaws sometimes need a helping hand, adding depth to this engaging tale.

Get Your Copy of The Outlaw Amy Joan Now

Explore The Outlaw Amy Joan on leading online retail platforms. Available through FriesenPress Publishers, this entertaining book is perfect for the young rebels in your life. Begin your shopping experience today!


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