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For outlaws only

There's a new outlaw in town names Amy Joan. This fun book is for the little rebels of the household only. Follow Amy Joan, the newest outlaw and her wild western ways. Written by author Matt Fournier, I had the opportunity to illustrate this humorous and charming story, exploring child independence.

Sent to her bedroom for bad behaviour, Amy decides to take the matters of her independence into her own hands. Deciding she doesn’t need her family anymore, Amy adopts the life of a fearless outlaw and sets off to take revenge. Needless to say, she does stay obediently in her room.

Before she knows it, she’s being chased down and captured by a stealthy bounty hunter who brings her to the sheriff to answer for her crimes. Along the way, Amy realizes that even the roughest, toughest outlaws sometimes need a helping hand.

It's a fun story!

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