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Finding Us - A story about Building Self-Esteem

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Embracing Uniqueness: A Journey with JJ

Have you ever felt different? JJ, a freckle-faced circus traveler, certainly has. With no memory of his parents, he carries a sense of not belonging. But a chance meeting with Eli the elephant and Stretch the giraffe unveils a new possibility — he might not be as alone as he once thought.

Beyond the Circus Tents: A Dreamlike Journey

When JJ, Eli, and Stretch decide to leave the circus behind, they embark on an extraordinary journey in search of the unfamiliar: family, acceptance, and freedom. Their path, filled with twists and turns, leads them through dark forests, where conquering fears becomes essential, and solidarity proves to be their greatest strength.

Unveiling Identities: Friends Through Thick and Thin

As the trio encounters enchanted trains, magical nightingales, and thrilling adventures, they navigate the unknown, determined to uncover their true selves. Dr. Linda Dawn Brown-Thomson, a retired family physician and accomplished writer, weaves a captivating narrative that goes beyond the ordinary, capturing the essence of friendship, acceptance, and self-discovery.

Here are some great excerpts for you to sample of the story.

Discover Finding Us Now

Explore the captivating tale of JJ, Eli, and Stretch in Finding Us. Available on leading online retail platforms, this thought-provoking book by FriesenPress Publishers invites readers into a world where uniqueness is celebrated, fears are conquered, and the journey to self-discovery is embraced. Start your literary journey now and unveil the magic within Finding Us.

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