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Just Like You

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Embracing Diversity with Just Like You

A Positive Story of Acceptance

Illustrating this positive story penned by Marilyn Joy Anderson and published by FriesenPress, Just Like You is a children's book that goes beyond the ordinary. Through my colorful illustrations, I hope this book aims to showcase diversity, empathy, and acceptance, offering a powerful narrative that raises awareness of physical disabilities.

Joy's Unique Journey

Follow Joy's journey as she grows up, navigating daily tasks like brushing her teeth, getting dressed, engaging in school crafts, and participating in activities such as riding a bike and playing basketball. The narrative unfolds to showcase that, just like everyone else, Joy approaches these tasks in her own way, proving her capability.

Celebrating Differences

Even if Joy does things a little differently, the message remains clear—she is just as capable as anyone else. Just Like You celebrates differences and challenges preconceptions, presenting a heartwarming tale of acceptance.

Explore Just Like You

Discover Just Like You on leading online retail platforms. Available through FriesenPress Publishers, this impactful book encourages readers to embrace diversity and celebrate the shared essence of our humanity. Start your shopping experience now and join Joy on her unique journey.

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