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Maggie the Whale Makes a Splash

An Unusual Friendship: Grandpa David and Maggie the Whale. Have you ever encountered a giant whale in a yellow shirt, floppy hat, and sunglasses? Probably not, but that's precisely what happened to Grandpa David when he met Maggie the Whale, his giant new friend.

Join the Journey of Maggie the Whale. In "Maggie the Whale" by David N. Birman, young readers can accompany a Pacific Grey Whale from Alaska to its breeding grounds in Magdalena Bay, Mexico. Maggie, a pregnant whale, becomes stranded and lost, and it's Grandpa David who helps her find her way back to her friends.

A Collaboration of Creativity: Author, Publisher, and Illustrator. Collaborating with the author, FriesenPress Publishing, and myself, the illustrator, was a fantastic experience. With my background in biology, I delved into the aquatic world, bringing it to life in vibrant colors.

Sharing the Magic of Maggie with Children. Written as a bedtime story for his grandchildren, Birman aspires to share Maggie's tale with even more children, introducing them to the fascinating world of ocean friends.

And, of course, I added playful elements like beach balls for extra fun! :)

Discover Excerpts from the Story.

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